npm caching by default

Travis CI now caches the npm packages you've used during build time by default so that they're used in subsequent builds, effectively speeding up your builds.

Depending on the repository's structure, it caches either $HOME/.npm or node_modules.

To disable the default npm caching, please add the following to your .travis.yml file:

  npm: false

For more details, please check out our Caching Dependencies docs.

dpl 1.10.12 is released

We have released version 1.10.12 of our deployment utility, dpl.

Version 1.10.12 adds multi-region support for Scalingo. travis-ci/dpl#1011

Xcode 11.0 beta is now available

The Xcode 11.0 beta is now available on Travis CI.

To use Xcode 11.0, add the following to your .travis.yml file:

osx_image: xcode11

Find more information at

Happy building!

Additional IP addresses for Linux and Windows builds

We have prepared a few backup systems following the recent incidents, these are the IP addresses that will be used in case we have to start them:


Read to learn about the best way to keep your safelist up-to-date with our IP addresses.

New Maven Central Mirror is in use

We are now using a Maven Central mirror managed by Google, close to the VMs our jobs now run on.

This improves the future reliability and availability fetching Maven dependencies across Linux and mac OS build environments.

Rust caching improvements

Based on feedback from the Rust team, we have made a few improvements on the Rust caching support when caching cargo:

language: rust
cache: cargo

For more details, please read our Rust documentation.

Draft pull requests support

Travis CI now supports draft pull requests events from GitHub.

You can identify if a pull request was built while it was considered draft by the contributor by looking at the DRAFT tag in the web UI.


Additional IP addresses for Linux and Windows builds

We've extended the range of IP addresses used by our Linux and Windows build machines.

The following IP addresses have been added:


The best way to keep your safelist up-to-date with our IP addresses is to use the current A records for the NAT hostname as explained at:

Travis CI: Help Center

The Help Center provides you with the different resources and channels available to get help at Travis CI.

It's now available at and it's always accessible through the header menu under "Help".


Crystal nightlies support

Travis CI is once again supporting Crystal nightlies, this time using the new Crystal snap.

To use it, you should specify the following on your .travis.yml file:

dist: xenial
language: crystal
  - nightly

Note that this is will only be supported on Xenial and later releases. For more information, please check out our documentation

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Travis CI will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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