Travis CI changelog
Travis CI changelog

Connect Travis CI to your Atlassian Bitbucket repos!





Today we launched a new integration, allowing you to test and build your Atlassian Bitbucket repositories with Travis CI!

If you are new to Travis CI you will be able to create a new account by authenticating with your Bitbucket login at, and as an existing Travis CI user, you will be able to add an additional Bitbucket account without affecting your existing GitHub login or repositories.


This is a beta release for the Bitbucket integration and will allow you to:

  • Sign up, log in and connect private and open source repositories using your Bitbucket account
  • Run builds on commits, tags, pull requests and branches
  • Trigger, restart, cancel and debug your builds
  • React to events sent from Bitbucket
  • Create build requests from the .travis.yml configuration file in your Bitbucket repositories
  • Easily see the status of a specific build
  • Review job logs and configurations
  • Receive pull requests by anyone authorized to fork your Bitbucket repositories

Functionality for deployments is currently limited but is in the process of being worked on.

You can find more details of this release in our blog post