Travis CI changelog
Travis CI changelog

Git repository security settings for forks




New Git repository settings introduced: Security Settings. These allow to determine whether the repository will share encrypted environment variables and (in case of private repositories) Custom SSH Keys with the forks of a particular repository when a pull request in fork-to-base collaboration model would trigger build at Travis CI.

Repositories activated in Travis CI before March 1st, 2022 will have the Share encrypted environment variables with forks (PRs) setting set to OFF. Please verify your collaboration model if necessary (especially for public repositories). The Share SSH keys with forks (PRs) will be set to ON for private repositories in order to not break too many collaboration set ups.

Repository settings will be set by default to OFF for any repository activated in Travis CI after March 1st, 2022. For repositories activated in Travis CI after March 1st, 2022 you may want to consider changing the default settings depending on your collaboration model.

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