Travis CI changelog
Travis CI changelog

Ubuntu Xenial 16.04, build environment update





Today, we’ve updated what’s included in our Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 build environment.

It comes with a set of fixes and improvements, starting with security and pre-installed packages updates: git, lein, mongodb, packer, perlbrew, postgres, redis, rvm, shfmt, and shellcheck.

The Xenial build environment now comes with PhamtomJS2, a new way to define headless browser testing, via services: xvfb, and improved Java language support.

You can check out the full build environment update details here in the docs:

To use the latest Xenial image, make sure to specify dist: xenial in your .travis.yml file!

As always, if you have any questions or would like to see anything improved, you can let us know in the community forum: Xenial.